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  • Firecare can supply fire extinguishers of every type for all requirements

  • Fire fire safety warning and fire information signs

  • Fire hoses, fire hose reels and fire hose cabinets installed and serviced in the UK and Ireland

  • fire safety equipment. reliable supply, installation and servicing from qualified engineers

  • fire safety equipment for all types of businesses in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland

  • we supply, install and service a wide range of fire hoses, and fire hose nozzles and fittings

Fire Hose Reels, Cabinets and Stands


fire extinguisher All reels are available in 19mm and 25mm sizes all for carring 30 metres of hose to BS EN 694 Type A, working pressure : 15 bar.

fire hose reel Fire hose reels.

20 metre fire hose reel Fire hose reel 20m x 12mm with 360mm Disc.

stainless hose reel Stainless hose reel

hose for hose reel 30m x 25mm Hose 30m x 25mm for hose reel

mobile hose reel, 90 metre hose trolley Mobile hose reel. A 90 metre hose reel on a trolley.

fire extinguisher Mobile Fire extinguisher trolley

Cabinets For Hose Reels

single plastic cabinetfor fire hose reels Single cabinet for fire hose reel.

open view of single plastic cabinet Single cabinet fire hose reel open.

swinging fire hose reel in single plastic cabinet Single cabinet with swinging fire hose reel.

Cabinets For Extinguishers

Single plastic cabinets

small single plastic cabinet Small single plastic fire extinguisher cabinet.

large single plastic cabinet Large 830mm single plastic fire extinguisher cabinet.

Double plastic cabinets

double plastic cabinet Double plastic fire extinguisher cabinet.


Single stands

single stand Single fire extinguisher stand.

Double stands

double chrome standDouble fire extinguisher stand.

fire extinguisher Double forecourt trolley

fire extinguisher 2 piece stand with recess