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  • Fire-care can supply fire extinguishers of every type for all requirements

  • Fire fire safety warning and fire information signs

  • Fire hoses, fire hose reels and fire hose cabinets installed and serviced in the UK and Ireland

  • fire safety equipment. reliable supply, installation and servicing from qualified engineers

  • fire safety equipment for all types of businesses in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland

  • we supply, install and service a wide range of fire hoses, and fire hose nozzles and fittings

Fire Safety Signs

fire extinguisher We can supply a wide range of standard mandatory and optional health and safety signs, which can be supplied as vinyl stickers or mounted onto aluminium, corriboard or rigid plastic.

Hazard Warning Signs examples

fire action sign 1 fire action sign 2

  • Bio-hazard Warning Signs
  • Caution Warning Signs
  • Chemical Signs
  • Danger Warning Signs
  • Electrical Signs
  • Gas & Explosives Signs
  • Security Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Harmful Substances Signs

Fire Notice Signs examples

fire alarm sign fire extinguisher sign

  • Fire Exits Signs
  • Emergency Assembly Point Signs
  • Fire Action Notice Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs
  • Fire Hose Reel Signs
  • Fire Alarm Signs
  • Fire Safety Posters
  • Fire Door Signs

Mandatory Signs examples

fire door sign fire flammable liquid sign

  • Ear Protection Signs
  • Eye Protection Signs
  • General Protective Clothing Signs
  • Hand Protection Signs
  • Head Protection Signs
  • Visitors Signs
  • Protective Footwear Signs
  • Respiratory Signs

First Aid Signs examples

fire hose reel sign fire exit sign

  • First Aid Equipment Signs
  • First Aid Location Signs
  • First Aiders Signs