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Wet/Dry Riser Equipment

fire extinguisher This range of inlet breechings, cabinets and valves are designed in accordance with BS 5041 and recommended for use in multi-floor buildings up to 60 metres high. Buildings exceeding this height are usually protected by a wet rising main.

fire extinguisher A typical system comprises a vertical riser pipe of 100mm or 150mm nominal bore with landing valves fitted on each floor and an inlet breeching at street level, an automatic air release valve is used to release trapped air when the riser is charged with water. After use the system is manually drained by use of the drain valve on the inlet breeching. The valves and inlet breeching are normally enclosed in wire glass fronted red cabinets

fire extinguisher Inlet: 2×2 1/2″ Male instantaneous connections to BS336 each with spring-loaded non-return valve and blanking cap 7 chain. Outlet: Flanged 4″ BS10 Table for 100mm BS504 PN16. Material: Cast Iron body. Also available as 4×2 1/2″ Male instantaneous inlet version.

coupling 2.5″ instantaneous coupling in aluminium alloy with double-ribbed tail-form. Manufactured to BS336.

Vertical Dry Riser Outlet Cabinet
Vertical Dry Riser Outlet Cabinet

fire extinguisher Horizontal Dry Riser Outlet Cabinet